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The Bag Makers Workshop

Workshop 3- Canva Basics for Product Sellers with Katherine Maldonado

April 8, 2023

9am- 3:30pm PST

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If you sell your bags, or any product for that matter, and feel something is missing in your advertising, then this workshop is for you! Maybe you just want a professional business card, or a stunning logo. This workshop is for you!

This course will introduce you to Canva, an online graphic design platform full of features. It can be confusing to navigate the Canva interface, so Katherine will walk you through adding text, images, and shapes, using the powerful design tools and effects, and saving and sharing your work. Canva has an extensive library of free images and templates to help you create designs for your personal or professional needs. After completing this course, you'll be confident and skilled in using Canva to create stunning designs.

Canva can be used to create-

  • Facebook and Instagram posts which can be shared directly from Canva.
  • Digital business cards
  • Lead magnets to entice customers to join your mailing list i.e. screen savers, to do lists, and more
  • Simple but powerful photo editing
  • Postcards and inserts


  • Free Canva account. If you do not have one, you can sign-up at CANVA.COM
  • You don't need any prior Canva experience.
  • For the best experience, two devices are suggested. One device will be used to join the training, and the other will be used to follow along.


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About Me-
Katherine started her first solopreneur business PURSEverance in 2019 to support the need for handcrafted unique handbags. With over 5+ years of bag making, and testing experience she is an avid learner and enjoys teaching what she knows to others. She is often called upon to be a mentor to those who want to know more about bag making and construction. In 2021, Katherine decided to share her love of bag making with other future creatives and Sew Your Bag LLC was born. Sew Your Bag is a subscription box for beginner and aspiring bagmakers. Through her business she has been able to spread and provide support to future makers. She can be found on Instagram where she posts about bag making and provide motivational quotes.

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