About Us

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well it also takes a dedicated team to bring you the best virtual workshops. I call this wonderful team of talented ladies my Dream Team. Most of us met in 2019 during my first in-person retreat and instantly became friends. Now, even though we are miles apart, the work we do together is seamless. I can’t be more grateful.

This entire team is amazing and always willing to help, whenever I need them. I am truly blessed and love working with these ladies and look forward to many workshops to come with their help.

Teresa Burgess

This lady really helps me stay on task by keeping me organized. My calendar is full because of her! Lol. She also helps manage the participant's entry each day of the
workshops, reminds me when it is time to take breaks, documents resources, etc. Always on her game.

Patty Andersen

What a creative genius. Patty is solely responsible for the design of our logo, the Demo Darlings t-shirts and two lovely videos she did in dedication to the beautiful bags that have been a result of these workshops. She also helps manage the workshop participants and documents resources.

Patty Mancuso

Where would I be without her- I don’t even want to know. Patty is responsible for bringing four out of seven of us together in the first place. Patty has helped me with door prizes, managing the workshops, creating last-minute designs on her Cricuit machine, documenting resources and being the voice of reason many times.

Sue Cheek

Sue Cheek, of Maggy55 Patterns, is our first Resident Instructor.

I persued Sue with such abandon, that I thought I would never get her to join us. But I didn’t give up and she has become not only an instructor but a great friend and mentor.

Sue’s knowledge and skill has been an incredible asset to this team and a pivotal role in our success.

Andrea Bakewell

Our lovely Recording Artist! This lady has been a total godsend. She literally fell out of the sky and into my workshop lap and I can’t thank her enough for always being there, recording every workshop, answering all of my silly techie questions, and doing a fantastic job every time. Not only does she record, edit and time stamp all workshops, but she is also a Resident Instructor. Andrea is a skilled textiles expert and teaches on a regular basis not only for The Bag Makers Workshop but for a local quilt shop as well. So much talent in this wonderful person.

Serina Lee

Serina is our Leather Lady and a Resident Instructor for The Bag Makers Workshop. Known around the country for her expertise in leather tooling, stamping and custom designed saddle pads, Serina brings a unique blend of traditional western leatherwork with a stylish modern flare.

Isabela Felix

Rounding out our fantastic team of Resident Instructors is Isabela Felix of The Bag Making Academy.
Isabela comes to us with an impressive resume of European leather craft training along with a teaching style all her own. Forever generous with her knowledge, Isabela provides a unique experience with each workshop she teaches.

Teresa Stanton

My desire to connect with the bag-making community led me to hold the first West Coast Bag Makers Retreat in San Luis Obispo, California. in 2019. Twenty wonderful ladies showed up and showed me a good time! So I decided to do it again. We all know what happened in 2020. But the silver lining from the pandemic is finding out that I could bring more like-minded people together virtually than in person. People that wanted and needed this community. I am dedicated to helping all bag makers from all around the world. Together, we will make a better bag.

Grace Fletcher

I met Grace through her mother, Ellen Kay of Bo Dee Oh!. If there is such a thing as a Creative Savant, Grace is one. This website was completely built with her amazing talents. How I got so lucky to work with such a smart, patient, willing-and-able artist is beyond me. But I am incredibly thankful for her ability to craft this beautiful website and bring to life something I have envisioned for quite some time. Grace is the pulse of The Bag Makers Workshop website and through her, all of this has been made possible.