Terms & Conditions

***Workshop registration Terms and Conditions as of December 2022***

All our workshop registrations are subject to the following:

IMPORTANT NOTE - Please read our cancellation and transfer policy as we are sorry, there are no exceptions. Please ensure you understand the following terms prior to registering.

  1. Workshop fees are required to be paid at time of registration.
  2. We offer secure credit card payments as well as PayPal.
  3. If a workshop is canceled by The Bag Makers Workshop, (i.e., minimum enrollment numbers not reached) you may choose to receive either a full 100% refund, or transfer payment to a later workshop.
  4. Failure to attend any portion of the workshop does not entitle the buyer to a full or partial refund.
  5. Our cancellation policy will depend on the workshop you registered for and the timing of your wish to cancel. On all occasions we have teacher fees to pay and, hence, our policy is clear in all situations. Please ensure you understand these terms prior to registering.
  6. Cancellations within the first 3 days of the registration start date will be refunded less a 10% administrative fee of the workshop cost
  7. Cancellations after the first 3 days and within 1 week (7 days) after registration start date will be subject to us filling your spot in the workshop. If we can find a replacement, your cancellation will be subject to a 20% administration fee. If we cannot fill your spot there will be no refund. Refunds only apply to fully booked workshops.
  8. Cancellations after 1 week (7 days) from registration start date are non-refundable.
  9. Workshop transfers- Due to the nature of our business, we cannot allow for individual workshop transfers at this time. Only workshops cancelled by The Bag Makers Workshop are eligible for transfer.
  10. Recordings- All workshops are recorded. Paid participants are granted access to these recordings through the website and the private YouTube channel. These are private videos and thus are not shareable. The Bag Makers Workshop retains the right to use any and all of these recordings for promotional use as well as potential future re-sale and no compensation will be given to those individuals captured in these recordings.
  11. On occasion, screen shots will be taken of you during workshops we host. The Bag Makers Workshop reserves the right to use photos for promotional purposes and no compensation will be given. If you do not wish this to occur, please advise us in writing prior to the workshop.
  12. No participant is granted permission to take screen shots or videos of workshops, teachers or other students without prior verbal and written consent.
  13. Workshop Requirements- At the Bag Makers Workshop, we pride ourselves in providing the best experience for each attendee. This is accomplished by setting standards for each workshop. All workshops are rated for skill level and it is the responsibility of the attendee to know and understand the requirements. Skill Levels Defined.
  14. Registration forms list the minimum skill level required for each workshop. 
  15. Any attendee that clearly does not meet the minimum required skill level will be solely responsible for the outcome of their project. Due to time constraints and with respect to the other participants, no additional time can be spent in assisting those with less than required skills.
  16. A required supplies list will be made available to view prior to registration and is the responsibility of the participant to have supplies ready for the workshop.
  17.  Each attendee will be required to know the capabilities of their sewing machine and only use the materials their machine will handle in order to be successful in each project.