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The Bag Makers Workshop

Umbrella workshop- Video 2

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Virtual Workshop

 Storing your pattern

Starting the French Seam

Creating a contrasting band

Missing top hole


    About Your Teacher

    I have always considered myself to be a creative junkie and enjoy sharing things I have learned along the way with others.
    Before retiring about 10 years ago, I was Chief Systems Officer for a very large court reporting firm & while I loved the people around me, I was burnt out & realized I was in the wrong "C" level position.
    My true passion is to Create & Inspire, so when I retired it sparked that fire within me & I haven't looked back. I moved forward with my new "C's", my Creative Spirit and Creative Coach.
    I spend my days sewing, creating & inspiring others. It brings my heart joy when I coach others & watch their Creative Spirits blossom. I believe that when we create, it is healing for the body, mind and soul and it's fun!
    I love everything textile & have been teaching for years now. I have probably taught well over 200 classes, workshops & private lessons. Everything from bag making, quilting, garment making, dyeing & knitting. Can you tell yet I am a junkie?? LOL
    When I am not in my studio, I enjoy spending time with my husband, fur baby Pebbles, friends & family.
    I started my brand Bela Dawn in 2021. Bela is Portuguese for beautiful/lovely & Dawn reminds me that each day starts out with a beautiful dawn. A day to begin again & find beauty in the things & those around us. To brush off the ashes we want to leave behind. A day to choose love. A day to Sew, Create & Inspire.

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