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The Bag Makers Workshop

Triple Threat Wallet- Video 1

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Virtual Workshop

Cutting out the wallet components

Gluing various components as prep

    About Your Teacher

    Hi, I am Lisa Maestas and I live with my husband and our fur babies in a small town in
    northern New Mexico. I always knew I would live a creative life and I have been a maker
    and entrepreneur most of my life. That creative drive comes from my yearning for learning.
    Over the years I have experimented and learned an array of crafts, hobbies and skills that
    have led to many business ventures.
    In 2013, I began my journey as a leather artisan. It was a rough start as there were few
    classes available at the time. I searched the web and started buying leather and trying my
    hand at it. I discovered that not all leather is equal and how to use an industrial sewing
    machine was quite the adventure. I started out making bags for friends and family and then
    began doing custom orders. I then started freelancing as a designer and manufacturing
    bags for a company in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
    Since then, I have ventured into teaching bag making and design, but why stop there? I
    love a good DIY, as well crocheting, decoupage, painting and so much more. I love sharing
    these things with others and the amazing people I have met doing this. It fills me with joy
    when I am around other creatives.
    I have spent much of my life making things because I enjoy beautifully handcrafted items
    and sharing them with others. My love for handcrafted items is based on my philosophy
    that they are expression of love from the person that makes them to the person that gives
    them. I also believe that creating is so much better with friends.

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