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The Bag Makers Workshop

Sandpiper Traveller Tote -Video 7

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Virtual Workshop
Finishing Double Slip and Creating Double Zipper Pocket

    About Your Teacher

    Lockwood & Webb Designs is made up of two friends – Gwen Lockwood & Natell Webb
    Their friendship started around eight years ago, when they met online via a Facebook pattern group and became instant
    friends, spending hours messaging each other, speaking on the phone & via facetime.
    Despite Natell living in Australia and Gwen in Canada, they have managed to always make time to be there and support each other. Eventually they made the decision to work together, and what could be better than working with your best friend??!!
    In 2017 Natell and her husband had the opportunity to travel to Canada and made sure that their plans included a trip to Alberta to meet Gwen and her family. It was wonderful for them to finally meet in person. Their only complaint was their time together was way too short!
    I live in a small town in southern Alberta, Canada. I have two grown boys who still reside at home while attending University, and a wonderful supportive husband. We have two labradoodles and a ragdoll.
    I have been sewing since middle-school, sewing various items and once I discovered the world of bag making back in 2012, I haven’t looked back. I have had the opportunity to pattern test for many well-known bag designers over the years and in 2015 I decided to venture into sewing with leather.
    One thing has led to another and now I am working with Natell creating Bag and Accessory Patterns – who knows what’s next!
    I live in a small rural town on a 2-acre property in Queensland, Australia (a half a world away from Gwen!) with my husband and family pets – 2 dogs, 5 chickens and 1 cat. I have 5 grown children, 1 daughter and 4 sons as well as 2 granddaughters.
    Sewing is in my genes. My grandmother was a Tailoress, my great aunt a Dressmaker who specialized in wedding gowns, and my sister is a brilliant seamstress working as a Costumer and Designer.
    I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator by trade and have worked in advertising, television, and movie production. I have also worked as a Practice Manager for several medical specialists, and as a Wedding & Events Coordinator.
    My love for bag making started when I needed a new wallet, and I came across the Necessary Clutch Wallet. Who knew that one little pattern would lead to where it has today!

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