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The Bag Makers Workshop

Ruby Satchel - Video 7 part 1A

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Virtual Workshop

Creating the bag handles, attaching handle strap connectors, placing handles.

Go to Video 7 Part 1B for attaching the handles to the exterior and adding the drop in lining prior to Topstitching in place then return to this video for watching Sue Topstitch the lining to the exterior and add the zipper end.

    About Your Teacher

    Hi everyone! My name is Sue Cheek, and I am the owner and designer of both Maggy55 patterns, and Maggy55 finished handbags.

    I have been sewing leather handbags for over eight years, and have loved every aspect of it. I was a custom drapery designer for many years, and a lot of the design elements that I used in that industry, can be reflected in the details of my finished bags and patterns.

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