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The Bag Makers Workshop

Pennie Patton -Art Deco Embroidered Tessa Hand Bag

Sewn by Pennie Patton

Exterior- The exterior is a light-weight bronze vinyl. The embroidered area was floated, using a medium-weight cutaway stabilizer. This bag was sewn on a Juki DDL-8700H and a Kingmax GC-246 cylinder arm machine.

Interior- The interior is a light weight brocade fused to SF101.

Hardware-Glass gem accents were purchased from Amazon. Chain, arch bridges, and magnet closures were purchased from Amazon. Here is a link to the chain

 Pattern-Tessa Handbag 

Virtual Workshop - Tessa Handbag with Isabela Felix of The Bag Making Academy

 03/14/24 - 03/15/24